Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Dialogue on Reading Habit between Sharmin and Radiq

Write a dialogue on reading habit between Sharmin and Radiq.

Rafiq: Good morning, Shamim. Where are you going?

Sharmin: Good morning, Rafiq. I am going to our school library to return the books.

Rofiq: Oh, then what Ali told me about you is correct.

Sharmin: What did he say?

Rofiq: He told me that you are a bookworm.

Sharmin: I am sorry; I am not a bookworm. I am a bibliophile.

Rofiq: A bibliophile? What does it mean?

Sharmin: It means a book lover.

Rofiq: I see. Will you tell me why you love those dead thing livinling aside so many attractive thing around you?

Sharmin: You are wrong. Books are not dead thinks. They are the living spirits of great men. Once you are with them you cannot leave them.

Rafuq: will you teach me how to enjoy books?

Sharmin: Sorry. None can teach you how to enjoy books. You yourself have to develop your reading habit. Gradually you’ll learn to love books. I'm sure you can do it.

Radiq: Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll try.

Sharmin: Thank you.