Friday, January 12, 2018

A Dialogue on How to Make a Good Result in the Examination

Write a dialogue between Raka and Raya on how to make a good result in the examination.

Answer: Here is a conversation between Raka and Raya on the means of making good result in the examination.

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Raka: Good Morning. How are you?

Raya: Good morning. I am well. And You?

Raka: Fine, What about you?

Raya: My result in the examination is not satisfactory.

Raka: I understand your problems.

Raya: You always cut a good figure in the examination. What’s your secret? Please tell me.

Raka: Sure. I’m very regular in my classes and studies. For any subject I make my notes when necessary.

Raya: That’s good idea. But I always memories most of the subjects without understanding.

Raka: Oh! What a bad practice! Never do that. First of all, you have understand the subject matter. Revise them frequently.

Raya: Thank you so much for your good suggestion.

Raka: thank you.