Saturday, January 13, 2018

A dialogue with your English teacher on speaking English

Question: Suppose, you are a student of a school and you cannot Speak English well. Now write a dialogue with your English teacher on speaking English.

Student: May I ask you a question, sir?

Teacher: Yes, tell me what you want to know.

Student: Why can’t I speak English fluently like you, sir?

Teacher: To speak English is merely a practice.

Student: What can I do for it, sir?

Teacher: To be a good speaker, you must be a good listener. Remember that listening is the first skill that enable enables you to speak fluently.

Student: How can I do it, sir?

Teacher: At first, you must follow your English teacher. Secondly, listen to the dialogues in the English movies. Through you don’t understand, you must try to guess them. Then try to speak English in your day to day life. Your English might be wrong. Don’t worry. Practice speaking English among your friends. Remember, practice make a man perfect.

Student: Thank you sir.

Teacher: You are welcome.