Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Dialogue Between You and Shanta About the Result


Suppose, you are Fatema and senior sister is Santa who has done well in HSC Exam this year. Write a dialogue between you and Shanta about the result.


Fatema: Hi! Shanta Apu, How are you?

Shanta: Hi!, Fatema! I’m fine, haven’t you heard of my result?

Fatema: No, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Shanta: Alhamdulillah! I’ve got GPA-5

Fatema: Congratulations, Shanta Apu, How pleasant it is!

Shanta: Yes, it’s pleasant, indeed. What about Masud?

Fatema: He’s also got GPA-5. Don’t you know?

Shanta: Ma-sha Allah! I also congratulate him.

Fatema: How many students got GPA-5 this year from Rangpur Cant. Public?

Shanta: The number of GPA-5 recipients is 148 only from science group.

Fatema: How satisfactory it is!

Shanta: And others 114 students have got A- grade.

Fatema: Is it so! Then, where are the sweets for me?

Shanta: Yeah! Of course. You deserve it.

Fatema: Let’s go to the canteen?

Shanta: Yes, I think so. Let’s go there. 

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