Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Dialogue between you as a Patient and your Doctor

Question: Suppose, you are suffering from some illness and you have called on a doctor in his chamber. Now make a dialogue between you as a patient and your doctor.


Patient: may I come in, doctor?

Doctor: Yes, be seated, please.

Patient: Thank you, doctor. 

Doctor: Tell me what your trouble is.

Patient: I haven’t been feeling well lately. 

Doctor: what’s the problem exactly?

Patient: I often feel very weak and nervous. 

Doctor: what’s your appetite like?

Patient: Not at all. 

Doctor: Do you feel feverish?

Patient: Yes, I do. 

Doctor: Lie down on the coach, please. Let me examine you.

Patient: Of course, I’m ready. 

Doctor: I feel your pulse normal, blood pressure is low.

Patient: anything serious. Doctor?

Doctor: Nothing, don’t worry. I’m prescribing two kinds of the table; take one before a meal and another after meal twice daily. Continue them for 7 days. Brink milk regularly and have energetic foods. And see me after 10 days.

Patient: Thank you, doctor. Here is your fee. 

Doctor: Welcome.