Friday, January 12, 2018

A Dialogue about Two Friends on a Book Fair

Question: Suppose, you are Bristi. You went to visit a book fair with your parents. There you met your friends Dipti. Write a dialogue on the talk you had with Dipti about the fair.


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Bristi: Good eventing. How are you, my friend.

Dipti: I’m fine, Bristi. Thank you. And you?

Bristi: I’m also nice, thank you too. When did you come here in the fair?

Dipti: About two hours ago. What about you?

Bristi: On hour before. Who are they?

Dipti: They are my parents. Who are they?

Bristi: My cousin Naina. Have you brought any new book according to your choice? 

Dipti: Oh! Yes. You know, i'm very much fond of Sattagjat Roy. I have brought a set of Roy. And you?

Bristi: I have visited only a few stalls. Let’s go together to the stalls and look for interesting books.

Dipti: Yes. I will buy some more new books. Your favorite author is Zafar Iqbal, isn’t he?

Bristi: Oh sure! Let’s go to Kashban Prokashan. There we may get all our cherished books.

Dipti: That’s right. You may meet your favorite author too. If you meet you have the opportunity of getting an autograph of your author.

Bristi: Good idea. But I think I am not so lucky.

Dipti: may you have this opportunity.

Bristi: Let’s hope so.