Monday, January 15, 2018

A Dialogue About Student and Class Teacher Study Tour for Selecting A Spot

Suppose, you are Selim reading in Cantonment Public School, Rangpur in class viii. Your class is going to make a study tour. Write a dialogue, on selecting the spot among the students and the class teacher.

Class Teacher: My dear students! There’s a happy news for you.

Students: what’s that, sir?

Class Teacher: You’re going to a study tour. It’ll be a pleasant trip.

Students: How happy! How pleasant!

Tanjina: What is the spot, sir?

Class Teacher: Where do you like to go?

Tanjina: I like to go to Swapnopuri.

Teacher: Sorry, It’s not a historical place, you see.

Fatima: Shall we go to Paharpur? It’s historical place, Sir.

Selim: How about going to Shat Gombuj Mosque, sir? It’s more famous place.  

Salam: But it’s quite far. We might as well go to Mahasthangarh, Bogra.

Class Teacher: Why don’t you go to Tajhat Rajbari? It’s the nearest place too. There is also a museum. It’s a more famous museum.

Students: No, sir, no sir. it quite familiar, sir.

Class Teacher: All right. Let’s go to Dighapatia in Natore. It’s also a historical place.

Students: Okay, sir. We all agree with you, sir.

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