Friday, January 12, 2018

A Dialogue about How to Speak in English Fluently

Question: Suppose, you are Sourav. You want to how to speak English Fluently. You need suggestion from your friend Pronob. Now write a dialogue between you and Pronob.

Answer: Here is a dialogue between two friends on how to speak English fluently.

Sourav: Hello Pronob, How are you?

Pronob: Fine, What about you?

Sourav: I’m well. How do you pass your time nowadays?

Pronob: You know I am very weak in spoken English. So I am trying to improve my speaking power. I need your help.

Sourav: That’s fine. To be a good speaker in English you must follow some rules.

Pronob: What are these?

Sourav: These are pronunciation, intonation etc. to follow this you have to listen more and more. Follow the news readers on TV and radio. It will be a great help, if you can follow BBC and CNN.

Pronob: Thank you for your nice suggestions.

Sourav: Welcome.