Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Dialogue about the Necessity of Reading Newspaper

Write a dialogue about the necessity of reading newspaper between Nitu and Zishan.


Nitu: Hi, Zishan, How are you?

Zishan: Fine, and you? Where are going?

Nitu: I’m going to buy newspaper. Zishan, what is your idea of reading newspaper daily?

Zishan: Well. It’s good habit. A modern man has to read newspaper daily. It is very much helpful for us.

Nitu: Yes, In newspaper you may have various types of information like current affairs, games and sport, trade and commerce, literature, art and culture, film and so on.

Zishan: That’s right. We can not think of a day without reading a newspaper.

Nitu: But you see, sometimes false news misleads us.

Zishan: Well, there is nothing unmixed in this beautiful world. But, reading newspaper daily is essential for everybody.

Nitu: That’s true. Thank you. Bye

Zishan: Goodbye.

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A dialogue between two friends on importance of reading newspaper

Myself: Hello! How are you?

Friend: I’m fine. And you?

Myself: I’m also fine. What’re you doing now?

Friend: I’m reading a story book.

Myself: Do you read any newspaper regularly?

Friend: Yes, It’s “The Daily Independent.”

Myself: it’s nice. Do you think reading newspaper regularly is essential?

Friend: Certainly. In fact, it’s a storehouse of general knowledge.

Myself: how that?

Friend: you can get news od home and abroad. You can get the latest happenings of the country and the world.

Myself: how can I be academically help by reading newspaper?

Friend: you can certainly he helped. You can enrich your vocabulary by reading an English newspaper. There is also a special page on your academic study.

Myself: it’s really helpful. I think I should read newspaper daily.

Friend: certainly. You can read poetry, interesting story and son on.

Myself: oh, thank you for your good advice.

Friend: you are welcome.