Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Dialogue between TV Reporter and A Student Who Obtained Highest Scholarship Grade of Public Examination

Write a dialogue between a TV Reporter and a student who obtained highest scholarship grade in the merit list of a public examination.

Reporter: Welcome to our studio. Please sit down.

Student: Thank you.

Reporter: What’s your name, Please?

Student: I’m Shamin Ahamed.

Reporter: Would you mind telling us something about your result?

Student: I have obtained highest scholarship great in the junior scholarship Examination this year.

Reporter: What’s the secret of your success?

Student:  I think it’s hard work. I studied regularly for five hours everyday. That helped me much.

Reporter: Did you repair yourself only for some selected items.

Student: No. I studied everything of the syllabus.

Reporter: Did you take any special coaching for examination?

Student: No, I didn’t it. I studied at home.

Reporter: Who inspired you in your study?

Student: My Teacher, Specially our English Teacher, at school inspired me very much. My parents also inspired me.

Reporter: What’s your future plan?

Student: I want to study English Literature.

Reporter: Thank you for coming to our studio.