Monday, January 8, 2018

A dialogue between two friends about enlisted as a voter for the first time

Suppose, you are Zini and you have recently been enlisted as a voter for the first time. Now make a conversation in 100 words with your fiends Nazneen about this.

Zania: Hi, Nazneen, are enlisted as a voter?

Nazneen: No, I’m unfit for it.

Zania: Why? How old are you?

Nazneen: I’m 17 only.

Zania: Pity for you. I’ve become a voter yesterday. I’m 18 now.

Nazneen: Really, it is a bad luck for me. Next year when the election is to be held, I’ll be 18, but I can’t apply my vote.

Zania: Hmm, exactly. It’ll be pitiable.

Nazneen: Have you been photographed?

Zania: Yes, how fantastic! I sat before the computer set and within a moment, my photograph was taken in.

Nazneen: How wonderful! You are really a lucky one.

Zania: so I am.