Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Dialogue Two Friends about the Benefit of Morning Walk

Question: Suppose you are Habib. Your friend Nibir feels tired & looks sick. Suggest her about the important of morning walk. Write a dialogue between you & your friend Nibir about the benefit of morning walk.


Habib: Hello, Nibir! Good afternoon. Where are you going? You look so tired and sick. Anything wrong?

Nibir: Good afternoon. How are you? I’m going to a doctor’s chamber. Nowadays I always feel tired and sleepy.

Habib: I’m fine. Do you know morning walk is food for human health?

Nibir: I’ve heard. But I don’t follow it exactly.

Habib: this is the main cause of your tiredness. Try to exercise morning walk from tomorrow. You will feel hale and hearty like others.

Nibir: Is it?

Habib: Of course. Start, and you will get the imminent result.

Nibir: Thanks a lot for your wise suggestion. I’m going to start so from the next day. Ok. See you again. Bye.

Habib: Bye. 

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