Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Conversation with the Bookseller and it as a Customer

Suppose, you went to a book shop to buy a book. Now, make a conversation with the book seller about it as a customer.

Bookseller: Welcome, sir. Can I help you?

Customer: Can I have a book?

Bookseller: Of course. Which book are you looking for?

Customer: I’m seeking a copy of JSC English Model questions.

Bookseller: which publisher’s do you prefer?

Customer: I think the Lecture’s book is preferable. How much does it cost?

Bookseller: It’s taka 120 only.

Customer: take taka 120 and pick it up.

Bookseller: Ok. Come again.

Customer: see you next. 

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Book Seller: Good Morning, can I help you, sir?

Kashem: good morning. I need to buy Anupam SSC model Test Papers.

Book Seller: here it is.

Kashem: thanks. Let me have a glace over the pages of the book.

Book Seller: do you need a lot of time?

Kashem: no, I’ll finish it shortly.

Book Seller: how many copies do you want to buy?

Kashem: I like to buy two copies of it. How much is the price?

Book Seller: it’s only 400 TK for the two copies.

Kashem: it’s too much. Can you reduce some?

Book Seller: sorry. It’s fixed.

Kashem: okay, make a packet.

Book Seller: it’s ready. Please pay me.

Kashem: here it is.

Book Seller: thank you. Anything else, sir?

Kashem: no thanks

Book Seller: Thank you, sir.

Kashem: Welcome.