Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Conversation with the Passenger who is Sitting by you in the Train

Suppose, you are Zaman and you are traveling to Dhaka from Rangpur by a train. Make a conversation with the passenger who is sitting by you on the train.

Zaman: I’m Zaman. How do you do?

Solim: How do you do? I’m Solim.

Zaman: Where are you going?

Solim: I’m going to Dhaka. Are you?

Zaman: I’m also. Then, where do you live?

Solim: I live at park view in Rangpur. And you?

Zaman: at Dhap in the same town.

Solim: Oh! Fine, I’ve got a good companion.

Zaman: Yes, we can enjoy a happy journey together.

Solim: May Allah help us.

Zaman: I also wish the same.

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