Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Write 8 Essays from 1 Essay

  1. Wonder of Modern Science 
  2. The use of computer 
  3. Science in everyday life
  4. Computer 
  5. Value of science in everyday life
  6. Internet 
  7. Electricity

Modern science is nothing but a skilled magical. One when one it's providing to humankind with wonders. it's completely conquered the unsubduable force nature. The wonder of modern science is too many to describe them in a short essay. Science inverted many things computer is one of them.

Computer was invented by hard work and long struggle of scientists. Charles Babbage is called the father of modern computer. He invented computer having five parts such as store, mill, control, input and output. By following the structure of computer Babbage, Harvard University and IBM together invented the modern electric computer in 1944.

In modern age, a computer is being used in various sectors of life. It has made our life easier, enjoyable and more comfortable. In modern times, business, commerce, and trade cannot be run without computer. It prepares documents. Makes lists and store information. The management uses computer to take decision. The computer is blessing for our modern banking system. In Bangladesh, various sectors are using computer various purposes.

Internet is another wonder of modern science. It is the driving of our modern, civilization. Internet is used for various purpose without it. The development of modern science is impossible.
It is possible to fight diseases and remove human suffering using scientific instruments in medical science. Scientists invented drugs to cure disease.

It is the only useful but also harmful to us. By the misuse of it, we can spoil and destroy our life.

One of the remarkable gifts of modern science is computer that had made our life comfortable, interesting and enjoyable. It serves us in every space of our life. 

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