Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Write 20 Paragraph from 1 Paragraph

People government should tackle the problem shortly to build up a better nation and a better future build up a better world for living. In the developed countries, this kind of issue is very rare.

Nevertheless, in the developed country, like United State of America (USA), the effect of this problem is acute and we are not conscious and aware of taking proper steps to remove it. The bad impacts of it beggar description. Government cannot save the problem alone.

People should help the government to solve this problem. This lacking of our country should be wiped out as soon as possible to lead our nation in a right way as well as to achieve our goals of 2021. _____________________________________________________.


  1. Traffic Jam 
  2. Road Accident 
  3. Load Shedding
  4. Climate Change
  5. Deforestation
  6. Green House Effects
  7. Danger of Smoking 
  8. Air Pollution 
  9. Water Pollution 
  10. Environment Pollution 
  11. Arsenic Pollution 
  12. Sound Pollution  
  13. Corruption 
  14. Drug Addiction 
  15. Hartal 
  16. Dowry System 
  17. Street Beggar
  18. Child Labour
  19. AIDS
  20. Illiteracy. 
Causes by humans is a provocative question in the third world country like Bangladesh. It is a dangerous think of our life. It is a shame for our nation we cannot lead a normal life for this problem.

Almost every day we find and hear the news and views about it in the newspaper, internet, radio, and television. Everybody knows that it is a big and serious issue. This causes of_________________ is the negligence of some senseless and imprudent.

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