Saturday, December 9, 2017

Paragraph on Eve Teasing


(a) What is eve teasing? (b) Who are the common victims? (c) Who are the common eve-teasers? (d) What are the causes of eve teasing? (e) What is it’s effects? (f) What measures should be taken against eve teasing?


Eve Teasing means teasing the girls in an unfair and indecent way by unruly people causing mental torture to the girls. Eve teasing in recent days has become an excellent problem for the people. Most of your time school and college going girls fall a victim to eve teasing. Three or four teenager’s boys of even more grown-up boys are seen standing at the corner of the road. They wear a strange fashionable dress and long hair. Some of them smoke. When they see any young girl or woman passing by, they pass comments towards them. At this, the girls or woman feel very embarrassed and dishonored. Eve teasers even do not hesitate to tease the mother of the girl. As a result, the situation has become very difficult for girls. If anyone protests eve-teasing, the teasers become torture. in this regard, it's terribly tough to tolerate the situation. Girls are afraid of going out. They this malpractice. The government has already empowered mobile courts to stop eve teasing. Anyone convicted of harassment of stalking of women. Will face a year in jail or fine about 70 dollars or both. The mobile court has given authority to give punishment to the eve teasers at once. The education ministry has also initiated with the declaration that 13 June as the eve teasing protection day, which is encouraged to protect this social evil. 

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