Saturday, December 9, 2017

Eating habit of the rural and urban people of Bangladesh

The rural people in Bangladesh sometimes have their meals in the morning, at midday and at the hours of darkness. The urban people also take 3 meals a day. however there are some differences in their eating habit. Rural people are within the habit of eating significant meal. the rural people eat more. On the contrary, the urban people don't depend upon heavy food. They also eat but the rural people do. the rural people sometimes eat rice and gur or rice with another food items for breakfast. They eat much as a result of they work in the fields. they do not eat anything before lunch. They also eat Chira, Khai and Muri at breakfast. On the opposite hand, the urban people take bread vegetables etc. Again, some take Parata and egg and a few takes Loaves and Banana. those who are old take very little breakfast. the rural people typically eat rice and one or 2 curries for lunch. they can't bear the expenses of such a lot of items just like the urban individuals. The urban people are used to taking eat, rice, curry, fish, vegetables, meat, dal etc. for lunch. typically Polao or Biriyani is roast on occasions. The dinner of the rural people is simply just like the lunch. against this, the dinner items of the urban people are just like the lunch items. however nowadays urban people take their main meal at the hours of darkness returning their residence once evening. The urban individuals conjointly take victuals like burger, sandwiches, noodles, pizza, Potato Chips, vegetables rolls etc. They also eat Thai or Indian or Chinese food. A amendment is additionally noticed  in drink habit of the urban people. In urban area, people take frozen dessert and soft drinks as drink. However, there are some differences inside the food habit and meal times of the rural and therefore the urban people in Bangladesh.

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