Wednesday, December 6, 2017

An application sink a new Tubewell in the school campus

Question: Imagine, about me thousand students read in your school. There is only one tubewell in the school. This tubewell is nearly unusable. Now, write an application to the headmaster requesting him to make arrangement for sinking a new tubewell in the school campus.

5 December 2017

The Headmaster,

Jubilee School

Banglabazar, Dhaka-1100

Subject: Request to sink a new tubewell in the school campus.


We would like to expose here that we are the regular student of your famous school. Our school is adorned with many modern facilities. But it is a matter of great regret that there is only one tubewell for about one thousand students in this school. This tubewell is also nearly unusable. At this, we are to face some crisis. Some students were very thirsty go to collect impure water from a neighboring pond. By drinking sort of impure water, they have been suffering from different kinds of disease like diarrhea,  dysentery, cholera. Now sinking a new tubewell in the school campus is a crying need.
It is, therefore, hoped that you would kindly take immediate step to sink a new tube-well in the school campus and help us to mitigate our sorrows and sufferings.
Yours obediently,


On behalf of the student of the school. 

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