Monday, December 4, 2017

An application to the headmaster for increasing common room facilities

Qeustion: Suppose, there is a common room in your school but it has no sufficient facilities for the student. Now, write an application to your headmaster/headmistress for increasing common room facilities in your school.

3 December 2017
The Headmaster,
Comilla Zila School

Subject: requesting for increasing common room facilities.


With due respect and humble submission, we would like to expose here that we the regular students of your famous school. Our school is adorned with many modern facilities. But it is a matter of rerate that there are facilities for reading newspaper and playing indoor games in the common room. As result, we cannot pass our leisure period effectively and enjoyable.

It is, therefore, hoped that you would be kind enough to take immediate step to increase common room facilitates and help us to have joy and enjoyment, sage and sagacity.

Yours obediently,

Azizul Hakim
On behalf of the students

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