Thursday, December 28, 2017

A Dialogue about JSC Exam Preparation


Suppose, you are Nabila/Nabil. Your J.S.C Examination is near at hand. You are very anxious about your preparation. Now write a dialogue in 100 words between you and your friend, Salam/Salma about your preparation of J.S.C Examination.


Nabila: Hi! Salma, How are you?

Salma: Oh! Nabila, I am nice. Moreover, you?

Nabila: I am so so.

Salma: Why do you look so worried, friend?

Nabila: I am worried about my Junior School Certificate (JSC) exam.
Salma: Why! How about your preparation?

Nabila: Quite bad. Particularly in English and Mathematic.

Salma: I cannot believe it! You have Got GPA 4.5 in second term examination. I think you will do well on the final exam too. Do not worry friend.

Nabila: Which suggestion do you follow?

Salma: I follow Lecture, “Sure Success Suggestions”. I think it is preferable, isn’t it?
Nabila: Yes, I also think so. However, I have not bought it yet.

Salma: Do buy it immediately.

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Nabila: I will buy in the next week. Will you lend me the book for a week only?

Salma: Surely. But you must return it in time, mustn’t you?

Nabila: Of course. Bye!

Salma: Bye!