Saturday, December 9, 2017

Paragraph on Islam and Christianity

Islam and Christianity are two of the major religious of the world. Though the two religious are different from one another, they share several basic beliefs and practices. The people of the two religious pray to the same deity whom the Muslims call Allah and the Christians call God. The Muslims have a holy book-the Quran. In the same way, the Christians have also a holy book the Bible. The Muslims read the holy Quran to gain religious knowledge. They try not only to mould their characters but also to lead their lives according to the guidelines of the holy Quran. Likewise, the Christians also read the Bible to gain religious knowledge and try to lead their on the basis of the knowledge of the Bible. The holy Quran is complete code for life for the Muslims of the whole world. In the same way, the Bible is complete code life for the Christians. Hazrat Muhammed (SM.) is the prophet of the Muslims. In the same manner, Jesus Christ is the prophet of the Christians. All the Muslims believes in the holy Quran, in the saying of the Holy Prophet and in the five pillars in Islam. The Muslim also believed that Islam is their religious. Similarly, the Christians believe the sayings of Jesus Christ and the Ten Commandments. The Muslims believe in the final judgment day. The Christians also have the same faith. Besides, there are many others similarities between the people of the religious. 

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