Thursday, November 2, 2017

Story on The Wit of a Fox

The lion is known as the king of the beasts so he does not work other animals of the forest sent one animal to him every morning for his eating. One day it was the turn of a fox. As we know, the fox is a very clever creature he did not go in the morning. The lion became very hungry and began to roar in rage. The fox came running at noon and began to tremble. 

More Story: A Fox without A Tail

The lion said, "Why are you so late?" The clever fox put his hands together and said “Sir so long we knew you to be the only king of the forest But I was detained today by another king who is a man “Man?” the lion asked the fox. The fox says, “Yes sir I caught a man and kept in the iron cage “Where the man?” The lion asked angrily “I have kept him near the river let us go there” The lion and fox went there and they saw the man in the Sage. The lion asked, “How did you put the man in the cage?” The fox replied, “If you want to know it properly, you have to see at practically. 

The fox entered the cage first then the lion entered the cage and the fox locked the gate of the cage and said, “Oh, greedy lion live here forever and die from hunger”. Then all the beasts of the forest lived with peace.