Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Story on The Dutiful and Faithful Dog

Once there was a man in Europe He used to go out for hunting with his favorite dog, ‘Bulu’. One day that man went out on such expedition on a horseback. His dog followed him. After a few days, the man felt exhausted. He got down from his horse and lay down under a tree. After a while, he woke up and proceeded towards home. But he forgot to pick up the ‘purse which contained money. The bag was left there Bulu noticed it and tried to remind its master of the bag in many ways but in vain. At last, the dog put on to bite the horse’s leg.  He promptly shot at his favorite dog Bulu.

The master misunderstood the dog. He thought that it had gone mad. He at once shot at his favorite dog Bulu. Bulu cried with pain and ran back. The master reached home. He found that his money bag was lost. ‘He rode back to the place where he took rest. He found Bulu lying below the tree with the bag in its paws. He thought that the dog was sleeping with the bag. He thought that the dog was sleeping with the bag. But to his utter sorrow, he found that the dog was in eternal sleep. Now everything was clear to the man. He realized the dog’s faithfulness and shed bitter tears.