Monday, November 27, 2017

Praying for setting up a club in the school

Question: Nowadays computer is the great use to all. especially it is very useful for the students. but there is no computer club in your school. Now, write an application to your headmaster/ headmistress for setting up a computer club in the school. 


27 November 2017

The Headmaster,

Laksmipur Union High School

Laksmipur, Madaripur

Subject: Praying for setting up a club in the school.

Sir, I have the honor to invite your kind enough attention to the fact that ours is famous school. We have much reputation in various academic sectors. To cope with modern information and technology, computer education already has been launched in our school. It is no doubt a positive initiative.

Nevertheless, we have to face some problem in developing our computer skill, as there is no computer club in our school. If there is such a club in our school, we will have a great opportunity to share our computer knowledge and will be able to develop ourselves in this regard.

I, therefore, pray and hope that you would kindly take immediate initiative to set up a computer club in our school to help the computer learners develop their computer literacy.
Your faithfully

Anisul Haq

Class VIII, Roll. 02

On the behalf of the student of your school.