Friday, November 3, 2017

Story on Law is Equal for All

Equality before the law
Story on Law is Equal for All
Long ago, there was ‘Shltan’ in Bengal. His ‘name was Giasuddin Azam. His capital was Sonargaon near Dhaka. He was a very just and kind ruler The Sultan’s hobby was hunting Very often he went on hunting. One day he was hunting deer in a jungle. Aiming at fawn he shot but missed. The arrow by chance pierced a son of a widow. Hearing the news, the widow was very much shocked and disappointed. Because the victim was her only child. 

So she went to the Kazi to pray for justice. She complained against the Sultan. The Kazi was moved to pity hearing the shocking news. But he could not decide what to do. Because the complaint was against the Sultan. If he did justice to the widow, the Sultan might be displeased. Again if he did not do it, he would remain ‘guilty to the widow and to the Almighty Allah, at last, he made up his mind to be the Sultan for justice. The king stood before the Kazi. 

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The Kazi asked him whether the complaint is true. The Sultan answered in the affirmative and he was ordered to compensate the loss of widow. The Sultan happily accepted the proposal and compensated the widow. Being pleased, the widow went home The Kazi thanked the Sultan for his justness. The king also thanked the Kazi for his sense of duty.