Monday, November 27, 2017

Application for Permission to go on a Study Tour

Question: Imagine that you are Kashim, a student of class VIII of Chittagong Collegiate School. You are interested to go a study tour. Therefore, you need a permission of the Headmaster. Now, write an application to the headmaster of your school seeking permission to go on a study tour.


27 November 2017

The headmaster,

Chittagong Collegiate School


Subject: Requesting for permission to go on a study tour.


We would like to inform you that we are the student of class IX of your famous academy. We have decided to go on a study tour. Our destination has already been selected and it is Sonargaon, a famous historical place. Our class teacher Nazrul Haque has already given his consent to accompany us to reach the destination. For the expense of the tour, we have collected Tk. 10,000. We are also in need of 15,000 from the fund of the school.

It is, therefore, hoped that you would be gracious enough to grant us Take 15000 for the purpose and permit us to go on the study tour.

Your obediently,


(Cultural Prefect)

On the behalf of the students of class IX.