Saturday, November 25, 2017

Application for a Construction a Bridge for the Villagers

25 November 2017
The Chairman, 

Laksmipur Union Council

Kalkini, Madaripur

Subject: Praying for construction of a bridge over the canal in our locality


We are the inhabitants of Laksmipur village under your union council. We have the honor to invite your kind attention to the fact that the big canal running along our village is causing a great suffering to the villagers. They have to cross it every day. There is not enough water in the canal and so no naval transportation is possible here. However, people have to face a great problem to cross this shallow canal. Therefore, the solution of this serious problem can be the construction of a bridge over the canal. 

We, therefore, hope that you would be kind enough to make immediate arrangement for the construction of a bridge over the canal to save the people from their untold sufferings and oblige thereby. 

You are faithful, 

Anisur Haq 

On behalf of the villagers.

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