Saturday, November 4, 2017

Story on A Greedy Man in Baghdad

There lived a greedy man in Bagdad He always thought about how he would increase his wealth’ One day he got a lamp from a saint The saint told him that if he put on the lamp at night he would get some valuable things He also forbade him not to put on it more than two nights. Taking the lamp the greedy man returned home. At night he put on it. Suddenly a nice Fairy appeared. He ordered her to bring some gold and diamond. Then and there he brought those before him. Afterwards, she vanished. Having gold and diamond he was very much astonished. He could not control his greed and avarice. He again put on the lamp.
Man in Baghdad
Alas! The lamp broke into pieces. He began to cry out in sorrow observing the condition of the lamp. He began to hit his forehead against the wall. His forehead was bleeding seriously. But he was not aware of the fact. At last, his wife prevented him from hitting his forehead against the wall. His wife said “Greed begets sin, sin leads one to death He was very much ashamed at this.