Sunday, November 5, 2017

Story on A Dutiful Boy

Once a schoolboy (a brave boy) named Ahsanullah/ Sumon was going home after completing his class When he was crossing the road he saw an old woman lying on the toad. She was senseless. There was nobody? help ‘her Ahsatiullah at once became concerned with the woman. He came to know that she had a collision with a baby taxi. He took the wounded and unconscious woman to the nearby hospital in assistance with a rickshaw puller. The hospital authorities could not recognize the woman as Ahsanullah did not know her.
Story on Dutiful boy

Ahsanullah became her custodian and took the charge of her treatment cost. The woman came to life again. After some days she was fully cured. Now the question where the woman will go was posted on. The woman’ replied that she would go to the home of Nabiullah. Abdullah became a little agitated and asked where Nabiullah’s home was ‘Muradnagar’ the reply was “My village” Ahsan thought to himself “Nabiullah, my father and in this village there is only one Nabiullah”
The mystery became clear that the woman was Ahsan’s father’s only sister who never met her brother after her marriage Ahsan warmly received her aunt and took her to his home with a happy heart.