Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Story on What is Sport to 1 May Death to Another?

There was a pond full of frogs. Some of them typically place their heads out of the water and croaked loudly.. One day some boys were playing by the side of the pond When they heard the frogs croaking they began to throw stones as a part of their play. Even they got much pleasure from it. Being injured all the frogs at once went down into the water. But the boy did not leave the place. They remained unmoving. When the frogs raised their heads above the water level, the boys again started the throw the stones. Thus many frogs were hit hard and few were killed instantly. At last, an old frog raised it’s had and said, “Oh boys’ Please, stop the cruel fun. Don’t through stones to us” “It’s just a play and we are enjoying it much,” said the boys, “Why should we stop it?”

“What is sport to you is death to us. This is why, you should stop it,” answered the old frog. The boys ‘were ashamed of this. They left the cruel game and went away.

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