Tuesday, October 24, 2017

My promise to the Nation that I will Never Break

Bangladesh is a demo creative country. People of different caste and creed live here in peace. Amity and harmony. However, at present, the country is best with a great problem, which is corruption. There is corruption in every walk of our life. I realize that make our country prosperous. It is mandatory for us all to make the country corruption free. From my personal point of view, I promise not to involve myself in any kind of corruption. In fact, I will work for making our country corruption free. Corruption is a vast and complex matter, which means to make or become defiled. Bribery, misuse of power, nepotism, avarice for wealth and social condition are the root of corruption in Bangladesh. Avarice is the main cause corruption. The limitless demand of the people is another cause of corruption.

Corruption is engulfing our total lifespan at the high speed.  In a developing country like Bangladesh, the effort of corruption in politics is very devastating. Secondary, corruption in education system causes disruption in our national life. Thirdly, corruption exists in government offices and non-government organization. Most importantly, most of the people are involved in corruption in some way or other. All these things prove that the country is heading towards ruination.

 As a healthy citizen of Bangladesh, I have to some duties to protect the country from ruination. I know that eradication of corruption is a crying need for the country’s greater interest. Therefore, I have promised to the nation that I will leave no stone upturned to eradication corruption from the society to a great extent if not to the full. Although it is impossible for an individual to make the country corruption free, I will try my best to unite people against this sin. In order to make the county corruption free. I have vowed to do the following things-
  • I will share my opinion and endeavor with the people from all walks of life.
  • I will raise public awareness through media to stand against corruption and resist it unitedly with an iron hand.
  • I will ensure proper, pragmatic and religious education for all.
  • I will request the govt. to take steps in reforming administrative channels with liability and transparency.
  • I will enforce impartial and inflexible laws for the punishment of the corrupt people.
Therefore, to sum up, it can be said with great regret that corruption is the law of our country. It is high time that it should be addressed and prevented urgently from all strata of our life. Otherwise, we will fail to build up a healthy, sound and potent generation.

I am looking forward to building up a corruption free Bangladesh. I will never look back in making my promise come true.