Sunday, October 29, 2017

Story on Look Before You Leap/ Haste Makes Waste

Once a crocodile wanted her four children to be educated. So she went to a fox and asked him to educate her children. The fox willingly agreed to do so. Being satisfied with the speech of the fox, the crocodile left her children to the fox. But the fox was cunning by nature and he was fond of eating crocodile’s kids. So, he ate one of them and kept the other three.

After a week the crocodile came to the fox to meet her sweet kids and enquired about their children. The fox assured’ that the kids are learning very swiftly and they are meritorious too. Being satisfied with the speech of the fox, the crocodile left the place. In the meantime, the cunning fox-again ate one of them. The crocodile again came to the fox and the fox showed one kid twice making a total of four. The crocodile became satisfied and went away.

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The next week the crocodile again came to see her kids. Now only one kid was left. The fox followed the same trick before the crocodile and told her that their education would be complete by the following week. Now the fox produced the kid four times. The crocodile came back with the joyous mind. Then the fox ate up the remaining kid and deserted the place forever.

After a week the crocodile came with a pleasant mind to take away her children. But Alas! She found nobody in the jungle. She searched her sweet children here and there but found nothing. Finally, she understood the matter and left the place with profound grief.


Story on Haste Makes Waste 

Once in summer, a fox was very thirsty. He looked about all day for water to drink. At last, he came to a well. The well was very deep. He tried to get water. He tumbled in. 
There was a little water. So he was not drowned. He drank all he could. Then he tried to get out. But he could not.

A goat came to the well to drink water. He saw the fox and said “I could not get any water is their water too.

The cunning fox was glad to see the goat and hit upon a plan to rescue himself from the well. He instantly answered “There is enough water to drink” He invited the goat and said “My friend, this well is famous for its sweet water. I have jumped in and I am drinking to my heart’s content. If you want to have a taste of it yourself, please jump into it”. Without a second thought, the foolish goat jumped into the well. The fox at once leaped on the back of the goat, then onto his longhorn and got out of the well. Before leaving the place, he looked into the well and said, “foolish goat, look before you leap”