Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Story on The Reward of an Honest Rickshaw Puller

Asif is a rickshaw puller. He is very poor. Everyday ‘he has to work hard to maintain his family. One day while he was pulling rickshaw a gentleman got on his rickshaw. ‘The man reached the destination and Asif wanted to take rest for a while and went to a quiet place. Suddenly he saw a bag on his rickshaw. Being confused about what to do he took it to his house? 

At home, he opened the bag and found five-lac taka inside the bag. He showed his wife Jarina the bag. She told him to keep the Taka for themselves. But the rickshaw puller did not agree with his wife. He wanted to find ‘out the person who dropped the bag. But his wife insisted her husband for keeping the money for themselves. She pointed out logically on behalf Of using the money for themselves. She even began to quarrel with her husband on the issue. But the rickshaw puller was honest. He paid no heed of his wife’s argument. He thought if he returned the money to the owner of the bag, he would reward him some money.
So he found out the address of the owner and returned the money to him. The owner of the bag became very pleased. He then seemed to be overwhelmed with the pleasure of getting back money rather than grateful to the rickshaw puller.