Sunday, September 17, 2017

Story on A Wolf in Sheep’s Skin

A shepherd boy used to take his flock of sheep to a nearby field to graze. The field was at the foot of a hill. The shepherd kept a keen watch over his flock.
A wolf lived on that hill. His mouth watered seeing the healthy sheep. “If I get, only one of them, it will make a good meal,” he used to think. He wanted to get an opportunity but in vain.
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One day a plan came to his mind. He put on a sheep’s skin and mingled with that flock. The day passed. The sun was about to set on the western horizon.
The shepherd called for his flock to go back to their fold. Hearing the master’s voice, the sheep started bleating. The wolf also tried to copy them. But he could only howl. Now his trick was open. It became clear to the shepherd that, it was a wolf in a sheep’s skin.

The shepherd came forward with his crook and with one huge blow killed the wolf instantly. Moral: You cannot be a fool all the people.