Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Story on Sense of Responsibility of a Boy

Once a boy named Rakib was coming home from school on foot. Suddenly he noticed a moneybag lying beside the road. He thought for a while and picked it up. First, he himself thought about the probable owner of that. He looked around and waited for some time thinking that the owner might come back to find out his moneybag But he found nobody coming along the way. He was then at a loss. He waited there for more few minutes for the owner but no one came. Then he decided to go home and discuss with his mother how to find out the owner and refund the bag to him. Reaching home, he told his mother about the matter and his mother thanked him for his noble act and desire. But at first he found, no way to inform the probable owner about this. Because there was nothing in the money bag, with which the address of the owner could be found.

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At last, his mother gave him an excellent idea. She advised Rakib to give an advertisement in the local newspaper to draw the attention of the’ owner of the moneybag. In it, they told that he, who could show proper evidence, would be proved as the real owner and, be given back his moneybag. The advertisement worked well. The next day a middle-aged gentleman came to their house and proved himself as the real owner and got back his moneybag. He thanked Rakib and his mother a lot. He wanted to give Rakib some of his lost money as a token of gratitude. But Rakib refused it and told that the things he had done were nothing but his duty.