Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Story on A Sailor in a Desolate Island

A sailor was sailing his ship in the turbulent sea. He lost his way in the storm and his ship sank into the sea. He began struggling in water for a few hours and became senseless at last. At daybreak, he came to his senses and found himself thrown on a desolate island. He became hungry and thirsty. There was no food on the island and the. Seawater was salted. Therefore, he could neither eat nor drink. He was too’ tried to walk. Suddenly he saw some coconut trees, but he did not know how to climb. He found a number of monkeys on the treetops. As he was aware of the monkey’s habit of imitating, he threw some pieces of stones at them. The monkey at once threw a coconut at him by imitating his action. The sailor, then, satisfied his hunger with the camel as food and quenched his thirst with the coconut water.
Moral: “Necessity is the mother of invention.”