Monday, September 18, 2017

Story on King Solomon’s Wisdom

King Solomon was a wise man. Everybody talked about his wisdom. The Queen of Sheba came to know about his fame. She was eager to visit the king and test his wisdom.
One day she came to visit King Solomon. The King was sitting in his court. The queen brought valuable gifts for the king. She also brought two garlands—one real and the other artificial. But they looked completely alike.
The queen said to King Solomon. “Your Majesty, please pick up the real garland without touching it.” The courtiers or King Solomon became confused. The King thought for a. moment or two. Then he ordered the guards, “Open all the windows.”
Bees flew in and sat on the real garland.
Everyone including the queen of Sheba was amazed at the ready wit of King Solomon.
Moral: “You may win a hard task by common sense”