Monday, September 18, 2017

Story of The King and the Spider

Once there was a mighty king name Robert Bruce. When he became little powerless, his enemies attacked him and defeated him.
But he was not a man to give up, easily. He was determined to regain his kingdom. Therefore, he collected soldiers and attacked his enemies six times. But he was defeated each and every time. He was then forced to take shelter in a cave in a. far-away land.
The King and the Spider
The King and the Spider
One day he was thinking of his sad lot lying in the cave. Suddenly he noticed a spider. The spider was trying to reach the ceiling of the cave. It fell to the ground six times. But the little creature did not give up. It made another attempt. It became successful in its seventh attempt.
The king was greatly inspired by this incident. He again collected troops and made a violent, attack on his enemies. This time the king also became successful. His dream of regaining his kingdom came true.
Moral: “Failure is the pillar of success.”