Saturday, September 30, 2017

A Short Story on Fortune Smiles upon the Diligent

Once there lived a middle-aged woman named Bilkis. She had three sons. Her husband was very lazy and he did not do any work. None but she had to work all day long to earn money for the family. One day she met a group of people who came to her village from the Grameen Bank. the name of the founder is Mahammad Yunus. They said they were interested in helping the poor’ people, the landless and the helpless. She learned from them that only the poor and landless people were eligible ones to take a loan from the bank. However, before they could borrow money, they would have to make five—six groups of workers. Bilkis immediately started to look for people. 
Beneficence of Grameen Bank as Shilpi
Fortune Smiles upon the Diligent

Soon the necessary groups were formed. All the group members became registered members of the Grameen Bank project. Bilkis’ group elected a Chairperson. The group Chairperson would be responsible for discipline in the group. Members would conduct their business with the bank through her. They were fully aware of the rules and procedures governing the activities of the group. In this process, Bilkis got a loan of three thousand takas. She invested the amount a small business. She repaid the loan money and got a bigger loan. In the way, she became self-reliant.

Eventually, all her family members started living happily with, solvency.