Saturday, September 16, 2017

Story on The Dog and his Shadow

One day a hungry dog was searching for food. He came across a butcher’s shop. When the butcher was little unmindful he stole a big piece of meat and ran away to enjoy it in solitude. On his way, back he had to cross a bridge over a stream.

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While crossing the bridge the dog looked down and saw his reflection in the water. But the greedy and dull-headed dog took the shadow as another dog with another big piece of meat in his mouth. The dog thought, “If I get that piece, I will have a great feast.”
To make another dog afraid, he barked at it. But alas! His own piece of meat fell into the 1ater as soon as he opened his mouth. The dog stood there for a while and went away.
Moral: “Grasp all Loss all”.

The Dog and Its Reflection 

Once there was a dog. Every day the butcher gave him a bone to enjoy. every day the dog sat near the shop to enjoy the bone. Then, one day, the dog thought that he should take the somewhere safer and eat it there. so he took the bone and decided to look for a safer place. while looking for a place, he came upon a bridge.

While on the bridge, he saw another dog in the water. The other dog had a bone that twitched the size of the first's dog bone the dog though. I must get the bigger bone. thinking this he started barking at the other dog and jumped into the water to attack the other dog. in this process, the dog lost his own bone. he did not even get the other bone as the bone was just was a shadow.

Greed can often make you lose what you have in hand