Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Story on A Blind Lady and a Dishonest Doctor

The Blind Women and the Physician
Story on A Blind Lady and a Dishonest Doctor
A rich woman lived in a mansion full of valuable furniture. Unfortunately, she was attacked with a disease and lost her sight. She called. In many doctors for her treatment but no doctor could give her hope. At last, an ‘eminent eye specialist assured her. The woman said to him, “I’ll pay your fees if you can cure me, otherwise not.” The doctor agreed to treat her. Every day the doctor came and took away some valuable articles from her house. After a long period, the woman came round and got back her eyesight. The doctor demanded his feed but the woman refused to pay. The doctor went to the court and the judge wanted to know what the matter was. The woman said, “1 can’t see my furniture now as I saw before. Therefore, I doubt whether I am fully cured. That’s, why I am unwilling to pay the doctor’s fees.’ The judge made out the fact. He ordered the doctor to return, the furniture and the woman not to give a single piece to the doctor.
Moral: “Greed leads to ruin.”
or, "Dishonesty never goes unnoticed or unpunished."