Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Story on Accursed Child Labour

A poor girl, named Rina, worked in a rich man’s house. The housemaster was kind, to her but the mistress was very cruel. She used to scold her now and then. One day while serving tea, Rina broke a cup of tea. The housemistress flew into a rage supposing it a great loss, she made a spud hot and touched it to her arms and back. Moreover, trying was strictly prohibited, as there were some relatives present in their house. The housemistress made Rina clear the floor instantly. Rina felt nervous, as she was little enough to do household chores.
However, she again entered the kitchen to make another cup of tea. Making it she began to move on to the guest room. But in the hallway, she stumbled and fell on the floor and the result became the same. Now catching Rina’s disheveled hair the mistress started beating her black and blue. She dragged her into the kitchen and locked the kitchen door leaving her inside.

The result went to a fatalistic end. Disgusted with life Rina cut her throat with a. sharp knife that was in the kitchen.

The Necessity of Child Labour 

Once there was an idle king He did not like physical labor. As a result, he grew bulky and could not move one place to another. Finding no other way he called in a doctor.

The doctor was very clever and wise. He prescribed no medicine for the kind. He asked the king to buy a club and move it in the air till his hands got moistened. The king followed the advice of the physician In consequence of this the fat grew less He became a bit thin.

Finally, he became fully cured of his disease after some day’s regular physical exercise.