Thursday, September 21, 2017

Short story on The Golden Touch

King Midas was a wealthy king. But he always hankered after wealth, mostly after wealth, mostly “after gold. He desired to accumulate all the gold of the world. One day he was loitering in his garden when God Mercury appeared before him and asked, “What do you want my son?” The King said, My Lord, please give such a boon so that I may get as much gold as I wish” The God granted his prayer, “What you touch will become gold “He then disappeared.
The King was elated to test God’s word he touched a flower and it became gold instantly. Throughout the day he gathered a lot of gold he became hungry and thirsty. But when he touched food, it, also turned into gold He felt sorry Just then his beloved daughter came running As soon as she hugged the king she turned into a golden statue’
Theirs rolled down the cheeks of Midas He prayed to God for taking back the cursed boon God Mercury took pity on him and took back the boon of the golden touch.
Moral: “Greed leads to ruin.”