Saturday, September 23, 2017

Short Story on The Blue-Coated-Jackal

One night a jackal was wandering in search of food. He entered in a locality by the forest. Suddenly the dogs of the locality chased the jackal. The jackal began running for his life and fell into a washer man’s bowl full of blue dye. Dyed blue the jackal came back to the forest. The beasts of the forest could not recognize him. Then the sly jackal hit upon a plan. He called all the beasts in a meeting and declared himself the king of the forest: The beasts neither saw such a strange animal before nor knew anything about his strength and power. So they took him as the king. Soon the new king became a tyrant. The beasts could not bear him. Still, they said nothing against their king.
But one winter night the jackals began to howl in chorus. Forgetting all about his disguise the blue-coated jackal joined them in the chorus. No sooner had his identity been disclosed the beasts pounced upon him and tore him to pieces.

Moral: “Black will take no other hue.”