Friday, September 29, 2017

Story on A Lucky Rickshaw Puller

Kashem is a poor and honest rickshaw puller in Dhaka. He drives his rickshaw to different areas of the city. One day he saw some men selling lottery tickets enticing the passers-by. Kashem Jell tempted and bought a ticket. He knew the date of the draw. He was waiting eagerly for the day. Then the much-awaited day came and he purchased a daily newspaper and went to his slum to check his number on the sly. He was very excited as dream peeped into his heart unconsciously. He took out his ticket from a torn bag agilely. First, he checked his own number and then looked on the paper to find his number out. To his utter surprise, he found his number at the first prize place. He revised, revised and revised. But he could not believe his own eyes. What a surprise!

He is the winner of the first prize that means he is the owner of 50-lakh taka. He thought to himself. He felt shouting but he did not do so. He told noting to anyone even to his wife. He on the sly communicated with the concerned authorities and got the money within a short time. In the meantime, his name was published in the newspaper as the first prizewinner of the lottery. He told his summates to spend a good portion for the welfare of them. He deposited half of the amount in a bank and with another half, he bought a land and built a house there. He also gave his slum-mates some loans so that they might start a co-operative business. He himself also joined the business and their slums became a solvent one. Thus, a lottery changes the fate of some slum dwellers.