Sunday, November 6, 2016

Paragraph on The Night Before An Examination

Examinations are almost always feared because none of us is sure enough as to what extent we are able to realize our dreams by working the way we do. Thus any examination is a cause of concern proportionate to how good result we desire to make. And all the concern and anxiety and fear, to whatever extent may be, all us most the very night before the examination. It is a nightmare indeed. As is generally the case, the night before an exam crowed with the necessary and unnecessary business many be-gone yesterdays and is burdened with the fear tomorrow morning. It is, at the same time, occupied and hollow: occupied with tension, anxieties, fears, and works; and hollow with the meaningless nothingness of uncontrolled disappointment. 
But the intensity above forces varies from person to person. On the student who was not punctual in his/her studies all through the year, rather, trifled away his valuable time in idle gossips, laziness, and uncontrolled recreations, the night weight unbearably heavy. An ambivalence of lack of confidence and need for preparations weekends him/her. On the one hand, (s)he finds it difficult to cover the required but neglected syllabus in one single night, and yet tries too hurriedly to do so; on the other, (s) he can do really nothing in such unmanaged hurry. 
The result is obvious: that student is anxious and afraid. He/she can hardly have a sound sleep. What is more, his/her mental and physical leaves him/her temporarily worn out? His/her real exam begins that very night, so to say.
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