Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Essay on Flower cultivation in Bangladesh

The flower is the symbol of beauty and serenity; it is the only entire which enhances beauties of anyplace where used. Many songs, poetries, and kinds of literature have been written on the dedication of flower.

The flower is the magnificent creation of God. A flower can purify the heart of human being and encourage being simple and clamming like nature. Flowers have been regarded as an embodiment of human taste and aesthetics.

This unique and unparalleled nature of flower has given rise to its commercial transaction all over the world. Bangladesh is not far behind in promoting this agricultural product.

Bangladesh is a country of cultural heritage. A flower is interrelated with this culture. People purchase flower in various occasion.  With the rising demand of flower, cultivation is increasing in this country. Thus, Bangladesh has ventured to enter this growing export market.

Today the trade of flower is a promising trade and a number of florists have sprung up who sell flower. No one could think of exporting Bangladesh flowers even a few years ago. But this is a reality today prosperous bonanza for tomorrow.

In view of marketing prospect of flowers, a vast agricultural land has been turned into a flower growing area and the farmers are now in a position to make an available market requirement.

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In Bangladesh, the cultivation of flower for the purpose of commercial use was started on a large scale from the early 80’s. Till then the traditional flower marketing system is increasing, many shops have been established. But the scenery of Bangladesh is very poor.

The substantial amount of flower cultivation is now still limited to the area of Panishara and its adjacent place in Jessore. Suppliers bring truckloads of flower Dhaka to Jessore, Savar and other places every morning. Some flowers are imported from India and Thailand.

At least 26 business enterprise and 6 associations are directly engaged in growing and export of flower in Bangladesh. This number has increased nowadays. Flower cultivation should be widened in this country.