Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dialogue Between on Corruption In The Job Market

Tutul: Good morning, Palash.

Palash: Good morning, Tutul. How are you?

Tutul: Fine. You?

Palash: I’m fine also. You seem to be very cheerful today.

Tutul: Do I?

Palash: Evidently.

Tutul: You are right. Today I’m too happy to express in words. I’ve got a job.

Palash: What luck! You are actually a lucky man. Nowadays a job is perhaps the most different thing to get.

Tutul: It’s true, of course. Often you have to bribe your employer to get a job and the amount of bribe at not small to all.

Palash: That’s why I haven’t yet had a job. They don’t seem to see my academic qualification. Rather they look at my pocket. The more bribe you can give them, the more you will earn their attention.

Tutul: Yes, such is the reality nowadays. However, there is another problem. It’s nepotism. Because of it competent can’t get a job even after giving bribes. It is not a destructive element of our political structure?

Palash: Surely it is. But you can’t condemn only our political structure. Our moral deterioration is a great factor.  If you want to get rid of this disease, we have to create social consciousness as well as of the administration system. There should be more, clear-cut accountability.

Tutul: Oh, how wretched we are! Problems are everywhere around us. Even we ourselves are a problem.

Palash: Right, our population is too big for our health.  It’s the main problem, no doubt.

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