Saturday, November 5, 2016

Essay on Corruption or Exchange in Bangladesh

Corruption means taking or giving under advantage/ facility to somebody usually in the form of some exchange. Almost all the sections of our country are riddled with different categories of corruption like bribery, misappropriation of pupil resource, nepotism, favoritism, gift giving, cheating, fraud, dishonest, intellectually corruption etc. which we need to remove in order to develop our country.

The causes of corruption are many. Greed selfishness, worldliness, ill motive, irresponsibility lack of patriotism and mostly the lack of punishment of the corrupt people in our society is responsible for widespread corruption in Bangladesh.

Transparency International has ranked Bangladesh as one of the most corrupt countries of the world. Actually, corruption has become a barrier to our national growth, foreign investment, and oval all development of the country. 

Most of the funds for poverty alleviation are being misappropriation and people are being deprived.  Due to this, many national resources are being exhausted and Bangladesh is still enlisted as a least developed country.

To fight against corruption of all classes people should come forward. Anti-Corruption campaigns should be launched to create a moral ground against it. Independent anti-corruption commission should be given enough power to file and precede corruption cases. 

Statement of the wealth and properties of important persons particularly govt. employees and other important commercial persons must be updated and fairly verified. By raising patriotic zeal among the people and upgrading their moral values, these diseases can be removed from the society.